About Whiskey Sierra

Whiskey Sierra Enterprise was created to address the needs of two completely different activities in the realm of communications networks.

Whiskey Sierra’s background is entirely in:

* Communications network equipment sales

* Communications network design

* Communications network implementation

* Network operations

Decades of successful market experience in traffic and intelligent transportation systems, security, automation, power and oil utilities, and Department of Defense are is a resource to be call on.

Channel Sales Development & Management for

Communications Network Hardware

Companies – Young, Small, Mature, Large - have finite physical and financial resources. In today’s age of social media, companies tend to rely heavily on social media to move product. Some attempt to work through sales channels, and other avenues to sell their products and services. Unfortunately, most of these enterprises fail to achieve the success they are seeking.

Why? While management understands the market, it doesn’t necessarily understand the types of actions, products, and information that motivate customers to buy.

If your company’s sales and marketing efforts are not living up to expectations, Whiskey Sierra’s staff has over 40 successful years of experience in product planning and management, sales channel development and management, and product partnerships for you to draw on.

Communications Networks

Design – Product Qualification – Implementation - Operation

For organizations whose communications networks that don’t exist, don’t work, or simply are not living up to perceived, yet undefined expectations, Whiskey Sierra Enterprise’s staff has over 50 years of experience to call on.

Communications networks are usually the afterthought of planning for a specific application or a group of applications. Too often the vision of the application is limited the basic functionality of the application(s) and capital expenditures.

These same communications networks most often do not taking into consideration the impact of changing user demands, operational components, requirements for the near-term and long-term operations and growth, new technologies, and new applications. Worse, most networks have morphed from small to large with poor documentation of what’s installed, where it goes, how it’s interconnected, and the list goes on.

Whiskey Sierra Enterprise has over 50 years of experience in network planning, design, implementation, and operation while adapting to and including changes in technologies.

Solutions and Best Practices

Whiskey Sierra Enterprise works clients to blend the best solutions and best practices to fulfill your requirements – dependability, reliability, positive results – while meeting standards and cost objectives.