The Whiskey Sierra Team

Whiskey Sierra Enterprise was created to be a source of expertise in two areas:

I. Channel Sales and Marketing Solutions Partnerships

II. Ethernet Communications Network Design Solution Partnerships

Whiskey Sierra Enterprise’s expertise starts with me, Bill Starkey, and my 50+ years of of growth and experience in what was voice, data, and video communications networks that now part of the realm of Ethernet.

Experience as an applications engineer, developing technical partnerships, plus product marketing and management in the development and operation of communications networks.

40+ years of success in sales, channel sales, sales partnerships, and sales management promoting communications connectivity solutions for fiberoptic, wireless, and copper wire communications. Product and sales partnerships typically grow sales volumes beyond 100% in the first 12-month period of the relationship.

Numerous active contacts across industries to form partnerships focused on fulfilling our client’s requirements.

Whiskey Sierra Enterprise’s Partnership Teams create the solutions necessary for successful projects and programs.